Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Let's Get Started

The first thing I want to share is how to make your presentations look nicer. Avoid those blank standard backgrounds on your work. You can find lots of free themed templates on the net. I use google to search for them. "free powerpoint templates" or maybe "free (theme) powerpoint templates". Download, save and hands on! I know it seems pretty basic but it will make a huge difference. =D

You can find more help here



    Here you can find some free backgrounds to download.

  2. Hey Fabio,
    thanks for your blog, I hope it will help me out with my PP!

    One question: I use Microsoft Powerpoint to do my PP and normally choose the template from the side bar. Once you've downloaded a new templates from the Internet, how can you add it to the side bar?
    Thanks a lot

  3. Hi, Sabrina!
    I usually get the templates from the net and save as a model, but if you want to add to your side bar I can tell you how. What office do you have installed on yr computer? For 2007, you open the template and click on the DESIGN tab. In the themes group click the down arrows so that you can view the galery of themes. Then,you just have to click on "save current theme". That's all. =D